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Welcome to my little corner of the interweb!

I will be mostly rambling on about writing, research, the 18th Century, bits and pieces I make and anything else that catches my little magpie eye.  So, without further ado, may the rambling commence!

I’m in the last few weeks of an MA in Creative Writing (scary!) and just editing my final project – A Thief & A Gentlewoman (it’s going to be mentioned a lot, I’m afraid!  Will be calling it ‘T&Gw’ or whatever else my fingers decide to type at some silly hour of the morning).

It’s an historical fantasy about Quin, a young woman from the Gutter Streets who steals her way out of poverty.  When she meets her latest mark, Fehrim, she finds herself liking him rather more than she should… And the situation for our heroine only becomes more complicated when he is framed for the assassination of his cousin, the Sultana.  Quin must choose whether to help Fehr or continue her safe masquerade.  Meanwhile, a serial killer stalks the slums where she is from and she cannot help but be drawn into the murders.  She must discover the connection between the assassination and the killer before they strike again… Dah dah daaaah!

The series is all about swashbuckling fights, romance, intrigue and adventure in Arianople, City of Cities.  There’s a more posh blurb on the Blurb tab of this very blog, if you fancy a look.

So far, I’ve written part 1 of the first book – just over 40,000 words – and plotted out all scenes and chapters of the first book and outlined the second and third books.  The whole process took a while and has undergone some changes, but I’m pretty happy with it at the moment.  Actually, that might be an understatement – I spent a stressful couple of weeks re-working the existing plot to add some extra depth and a better resolution… Sleepless nights!  Fingers crossed, it’s all OK now… Famous last words.

Anyway, as much of a pain writing can be when there are big fat problems, I love the characters who have graced me with their presence and I just can’t not do it.  (Ah, such graceful prose from a writer!)


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