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Hello hello!  I’m very sleepy after a looooong day.  Here’s a picture of what I did today:

And here is a slightly edited version of a comment I just made on Miss Rosemary’s blog about today and the whole Master of Arts experience, because I’m very sleepy and should be in bed (and because it pretty much sums up what I want to say):

Yep, today I did the whole rigmarole of silly gown, silly hat and silly hood-thing, walked across the stage with a hundred other people collecting various other qualifications.  And although I finished the course back in September and received my results around November, today did feel like the culmination of that year’s hard work and I felt bloody proud.  I’ve got half a novel that received, according to one tutor, the highest grade she’s ever awarded (I was speechless for a while after reading that comment, I can tell you!) and I’ve got a Master of Arts with Distinction, but more importantly, I feel that I have the tools and the support (from coursemates who have become great friends) to actually complete that novel.  While I learnt more on my Bachelors (Creative Writing with English Literature), I achieved more on my Masters.

So, yeah, it’s definitely worth it. 🙂  Go for it, and I hope you love it as much as I did.

That photo is of me with two of those lovely people: I’m a lucky girl to find half a dozen people who have become dear friends and excellent writing buddies.  I’d like to thank them all – they know who they are.

So this is for them and for anyone else doing a writing course or thinking of doing one (I can only recommend them from my experiences), and for all the people who pursue their passions in life, even when the bank manager (or anyone else) would prefer you took that job as a lawyer: HUZZAH!

Yep, clear blue skies – it was positively torrential when we went into the ceremony, but we came out to glorious, glaring sunshine … maybe the weather Gods were smiling on our success.

And, finally, here’s a pretty photo – the view from our hotel room:

Now THAT is what I call a sea view!

Night, night, all!


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Dear Sir,

Please don’t tell me off for not posting about sewing lately – I’ve been terribly busy and stressed out with the move and looking for work!

Thank you.

Yours & c.,


OK, so, I don’t actually have to hand in a sick note like at school, but I have been feeling bad about not having done any sewing lately.  I have been wanting to, but all that I can think about at the moment is getting all these things sorted out – the same thing has made it really hard for me to write anything.  I’m hoping that now I’m actually up here in Nottingham and we’ve put a holding deposit down on an apartment (more about that in a sec) I’ve got a little less to worry about and a bit more ‘head-space’ for writing and sewing.

Having said that, I did do a little bit of work on the Zombie Antoinette dress last night, but my wrists started hurting really quickly (I think because I’d been lumping around heavy boxes earlier in the evening), so I only did a little bit.  My camera is still dead, so no photos – plus it’s just the lining, which is rather dull!

While I remember – my MA mark has been 100% confirmed by the examiners now.  Yay!

And now a little bit about our apartment!  Well, the thing that perhaps excites me the most … (insert drum-roll here) … it’s 18th century!!!!!  WEEEE!!!  Yes, I am excessively excited about this fact.  There aren’t really any period features left, unfortunately, but it has lovely high ceilings and the large windows (I can’t recall, but The Boy thinks they’re still sash windows rather than modern PVC ones.  Huzzah!).  The outside still looks very period if you look above the restaurants that are on the ground floor, and the entrance is pretty, too.

Other exciting non-historical things about the apartment: large lounge/diner/kitchen; en suite for myself and The Boy (I’m excited at the prospect of having somewhere to do my hair/make-up and being able to get little storage boxes and shelves.  Sad, but true!); large hallway (for bookshelves!) and, my favourite thing… there’s a cupboard off the hallway that’s actually pretty big and has lighting in it – it’s an L-shape and is probably around 1.5m x 2m.

So what?

Well, it’s big enough to fit a small desk and a chair as well as the hoover and other necessary bits.  Guess who’s going to have a little office to shut herself up in to write!  I am far, far too excited at this prospect!!  (Yes, sorry about all the exclamation marks in this post!  Oops.)

When we were originally talking about moving, we were considering living further out from the city centre and could have got a three-bed place in our price range in those locations, leaving a study space/spare room.  We decided to stick to the city centre a long time ago since we don’t drive, so I’ve been happy with the thought of not having an office.  This feels like such a great bonus, now.

A room of one’s own… or, at least, a room of my own that I get to share with the hoover, but I’m OK with that.  Having a door I can close on noise and distraction is the important thing and I am so lucky to be getting that.

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Clare, MA

The first of those three pieces of potentially awesome news…


It’s now actually awesome – it’s basically official (ie, I have a mark sheet from uni and found out that the external examiner doesn’t/can’t change marks) – I got 84 for my writing.  Over 70 is a distinction.

It’s only just sinking in – I have a Master of Arts with distinction!  Weeee!!!!!

I’m so so happy – all the hard work was worth it!!  Huzzah, I say – HUZZAH!

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I think, think, I’m finished putting all my MA files and things together.  I’ve got a killer headache, but I think it’s all done.  I just need to get a folder and print it all.  I’m in shock!

Anyway, I know this isn’t an interesting post to look at, but because I’m sad like that, I’ve made a cover for the CD containing the electronic copy, so maybe that will entertain your eyes for a little while:

A Thief & A Gentlewoman - CD CoverRight, I do believe it’s sewing and film-watching time.  No rest for the wicked!

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