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I just finished taking up some trousers which I have been wearing, but are far too long for me.  I really should’ve done it sooner, but that’s procrastination for you!  Luckily, the backs weren’t too destroyed by being stepped on.

From doing this, I have seen that I’m going to be quite an unconventional sewing-type person – for pressing the seams, I used my GHD hair straighteners.  No, I’m not joking.  I was sewing in my boyfriend’s room, which has lots of natural sunlight and a comfy bed to sit on, and the ironing board is in the kitchen where everyone uses it as an extra surface – the dangers of a poorly-laid out kitchen!  Anyway, I didn’t want to have to keep running to the other end of the house to press the hem, check the length, then do it again when I’d cut the fabric and turned under the double hem.  Plus, hair straighteners are much easier to turn around a cuff or a trouser leg than a big fat iron – I often use them to straighten out hems, pockets, cuffs and so on.  They are indespensible, especially if travelling.  They’re also great for clothes that have a ribbon or tie that is creased – if the fabric is ironed, the bow or knot you tie looks so much better.  You can just run the GHDs straight down the fabric – voila!

Just be careful – GHDs get really hot, so I’d only use them on cotton and linen that can handle a high temperature!

Anyway, back to the sewing… I quite enjoyed hand-sewing the backstitched hem (matching the original, visible hem), which surprised me, and I was pleased to see that my stitches really improved as I went on – the first leg was a little wobbly and uneven, but by the time I finished the second one, my stitches were nice and neat.  Not perfect, but much better!  And it doesn’t matter too much as it’s black on black and, as far as I’m aware, not many people really look at the hems of my trousers a great deal!  It’s been a hot weekend, so it looks like I’ve done them just in time to wear to work tomorrow.

Right, now, however, I’m drinking a yummy gingerbread coffee (made by my lovely Dandy-man on his fab coffee machine) and there are a couple of chapters of T&Gw calling out for editing!


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