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Window shopping on ebay is a dangerous thing, gentle reader!

After all, what in the world is there that is better to go with one’s changing styles in the latter decades of the 18th Century than an oak desk from c. 1780?

Rather charming, don’t you think?  And ample room for a polonaise to slide under – how capital!

However, if your budget (like mine) doesn’t stretch as far as the buy it now price of £1,350 (swoon!), then you can still own your very own little bit of the 18th century to weave into your own sewing with this delightful set of 8 steel Georgian buttons:

OK, so a buy it now price of £79 is not exactly cheap, but for the chance to use these lovely buttons in a very special 18th Century ensemble (I’m thinking a jacket?), then it would be very much worth it.  If I had the money available, I would be all over these buttons (or perhaps they would be all over me?).

Alas, I can’t afford them, so I thought I’d share them here, gentle reader, in case you can make any use of them.  All I ask is that if you do buy them, please send pics of whatever you use them for – I’d love to see!


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