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Old Hair News

I completely forgot to blog about this as it happened when I was on a blog-break.

Some of you might have noticed something in my Birthday Masquerade pictures … No hedgehog.  In fact, it was quite bouffant in a more Marie Antoinette style, wasn’t it?  Well, that’s because I don’t have enough hair to hedgehog anymore!

After a couple of months of not being able to shake the idea, I had my hair cut into a crop:

Sorry it’s just a quick photo the Gent took – I really should get a better shot of it!

Anyway, since I had it done some very generous people started making Audrey Hepburn comments (ha, I wish I looked like her!), but it did get me watching some of her films and I’ve discovered a love for her!  Hence the current obsession with late 50s/early 60s clothing.

Maybe next time I get it cut, I’ll got a bit more BIG, like her wonderful hair in How to Steal a Million (a really fun caper – watch it if you haven’t already!):

What's that, I'm the most stylish woman in the world?

Why yes, I suppose Peter O'Toole is rather handsome.

And it doesn’t show her hair any better, but I do just love this photo:

Funny coincidence – I only saw this film for the first time the other day as it happened to be on TV, but Audrey wears a black lace mask in it.  Of course, hers is far more stylish than mine, but my masquerade mask (back in November) was black lace too … strange!

I’ll leave you with the old school trailer for the film – so different from today’s trailer style!


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Georgian Period Films

I must have been a good girl in 2009 because I was lucky enough to receive amongst my presents a voucher for HMV, which I trotted out with at the weekend and bought a couple of Georgian films I hadn’t yet seen …

As I had the flat to myself on Sunday night, I had a chance to watch both films in a bit of a mini Georgian film Festival (complete with malt loaf – I’ve decided no film festival is complete without malt loaf and I will be writing to Cannes regarding this post haste).

Suitably Rake-ish behaviour, indeed!

It’s a hard call to say which was my favourite, but I think The Duellists just noses ahead of Barry Lyndon as I found our Barry a bit tiresome at times, which is a shame, because the more exciting parts are just what I like in my stories about 18th century rakes!  Whereas The Duellists is all kinds of exciting with its (as the title suggests) duels!  I do enjoy a good duel fought with swords, and it actually was good research for A Thief & A Gentlewoman, which will feature a fair few duels, I dare say.



However, The Duellists did give me some concern as I found myself thinking that Keith Carradine was rather handsome … and this disturbs me as I’m used to thinking of him as a considerably older Special Agent Lundy (of Dexter fame) or, more recently, as a bit of a cad as Mr Harding in Dollhouse.

If that hat isn't commitment to costume authenticity at all costs (even at risk of looking a wee bit silly), then I don't know what is.

Disturbingly handsome older men or not, do check out both these films if you haven’t already, even if it is just for the costume porn!  (Plenty of men’s uniforms in both films and some rather gorgeous gowns and hats particularly in the second half of Barry Lyndon.  In fact, I feel quite bad for Barry – I might have to watch this again and reconsider my opinion of it.)

Pretty things in Barry Lyndon

On a slightly random finishing note – how come the German poster for The Duellists is so much better than the English one?  I would definitely put this up in my home:*

*Also, why is the ‘Special Collector’s Edition’ bit in English and not auf Deutsch?

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