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Yeeeeah … so … I’m talking about jackets again.  Ahem.  Sorry.

But I’m rewinding in time a little from my previous posts.  IsisWardrobe very kindly suggested that my pink damask would work as a mid-18th century jacket, which was something I hadn’t considered, so I thought I’d have a poke about earlier in the era. 

You see, at first I thought of the rather boring-looking jackets on JP Ryan’s pattern:

Which are excellent diagrams of what sound like great patterns, but what they aren’t is inspiring.  At least to me, anyway.  Looking at those drawings, I would never picture these pretties:

Via Fuchsia’s 18th Century Dress.

Or Rockin’ The Rococo’s Calico Jacket and petticoat or this gorgeous 1740s/50s jacket from Mara Riley’s site or Mme du Jard’s very pretty caraco.

So, I’ve realised I really do love those darn cuffs, and I think the relative simplicity of the design would suit the damask very well indeed.  

As the fabric is so lovely, I won’t be starting on this project for a while – I’d rather improve my skills before I start thinking about cutting into the damask.  Perhaps by then I’ll be a bit more confident about changing the patterns around a bit to get that pretty buttoned front, as in the black and white photo above … (I am sure I’ve seen pictures of this kind of closure on the Historical Sewing Forum, but I can’t seem to find them – annoying!)

In the meantime, I’m on a pattern hunt – there might be some in the library books I have access to, or else I’ll go for the JP Ryan (most likely view B … or maybe A – decisions, decisions!).


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For the Love of Damask

Squeeee!  Please excuse my excited and brief post, but I just won this gorgeous fabric on eBay:

Pink cotton damask, 2.6m by 1.25m.

OK, I know it’s not 18th century, but I thought it looked rather 17th Century and I love it. 

Oh, and did I mention I got it for £1.04?


I want to make a 17th century gown at some point and when I saw this fabric I knew it was The One for the bodice (with a plan petticoat, probably) … Of course, it’s likely that I’ll do some proper research on 17th century fabric and find that it’s completely wrong, but nevermind – in that case I’ll make it into a 17th C inspired jacket (cropped with toned down poofy sleeves). 

What is with my obsession with jackets?

Anyway, I think I’m going to have to be quite cunning in getting a bodice out of this stuff – I might have to go for a non-poofy-sleeved era or at least a smaller-poofy-sleeved era! 

Either way, I’m all kinds of pleased!

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