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Yay-ness – I just won this lovely early 60s pattern on Ebay (it’s not the right size, but just needs a little bit adding here and there and it’ll be fine):

And for just £7.50!  I saw the same pattern go for £15+ a couple of weeks ago.

Just check out that cute jacket!  I love the dress, but there’s something about the jacket that makes me smile – I think it’s the combination of the buttons and cropped-ness.

With narrow- and full-skirted options and the jacket, this pattern gives three different items – I definitely consider that a bit of a bargain!

Together with my other 60s pattern, I’m starting a very small collection of vintage patterns:

I was originally planning to use the pattern to work out how to make an early 60s pleat-skirted dress, after seeing one in the window of a vintage shop in town (I love those bell-shaped skirts with inverted box pleats!) but the separates have grown on me and now I have Simplicity 2444, I’ve got an appropriately 60s-esque pattern:

Aaaand, the other week, my lovely Mum bought me this silk crepe to use to make the blouse in The People pattern:

It was on sale in John Lewis (£10/metre rather than £20!) – huzzah for that!  I’ve also handwashed it in cold water ready to go/sew.  Dry clean only?  HA!

Also, I’m currently working on the cat from this book:

It’s my first go at crochet and I’m enjoying it – photos when the kitty is complete!


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Whilst looking for something else, I stumbled across a real gem originally published in 1870 containing instructions for tatting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, netting, point lace, Berlin work and guipure d’art: the Project Gutenberg eBook version of Beeton’s Book of Needlework.  I’m sure many of you have already seen this and absorbed it and used the techniques, but if anyone who likes historical sewing (or even modern needlework) has missed it, do have a looksee.

It’s a bit special (in the good way) with instructions for making the following pretties:

I love this little bird!

I like this very much – I think it’d look lovely in whitework on a cravat end.  The Boy likes cravats – perhaps he’ll be lucky enough to receive an embroidered one some day … (of course, he’ll therefore be unlucky enough that it will be embroidered by me and will therefore probably look not so great, but oh well!)

If I could get my hands on the right tools for the netting technique in the book, I would definitely give this a go for evening wear – perhaps in a pearly grey.

This flower is quite darling – I’ve always had a soft spot for fine fabrics appliqued onto net.



This is such a sweet key bag – I think it might need adding to my ‘to-make’ list.  It’s got an owl on it, dammit!  Though the instructions are fairly vague for a beginner like me, so it might have to wait a little while (particularly until I can find some nice grey kid to make it from).

A rather charming work bag.  Although I don’t think I’d have the patience (nor the will!) to make such a beautifully embroidered bag, I would be very tempted to make a more simply decorated version of this for transporting work and storing knitting bits and pieces.  Very tempted, indeed.  I’m even picturing how cute belts would look as the fastening straps … Hmm …

And this last one I thought was quite fitting for any seamstress or needlworker – a very pretty pattern to use on a needlebook or work bag:

Do go and have a look at this lovely eBook – guaranteed inspiration!

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