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Craft class on Friday was felting.  We had a go at wet felting.  I’ve done this before, but using a book for instructions is very different to having an expert teacher (a lovely lady from my teacher training course called Natalie) and I picked up lots of good tips!  I made a square of plain felt, which is pretty boring at the moment, but I think I’ll use it for a project, so you’ll see more of that soon.

I also had a go at needle felting, which I surprised myself by loving!  I made a pin cushion:

I don’t know why, but I always though needle felting would be, well, a bit boring.  But there’s something strangely enjoyable about it – maybe the repeated stabbing is therapeutic!  Anyway, I think I might be addicted – I feel the need to make more, more, I tell you!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

PS – I’ve got some cunning plans bubbling away – expect changes here in June!


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Because I hate to be selfish and keep lovely things I find online to myself …

Something to Make – A Yo-Yo Pincushion (or Suffolk Puff Pincushion to my fellow Brits) from Crafty Pod:

Crafty Pod's Yo-Yo Pincushion - not my image, just to entice you to check out Crafty Pod's tutorial!

I really enjoy making Suffolk puffs, so next time I get some scraps of fun fabric, I’ll be making one of these.

Something to Do – Be inspired by The Dreamstress’s clever use of clip-on earrings as clasps for a Roman stola.  In fact, be inspired by the whole outfit – it makes me want to get all Classical!

And Something to Love – Kanzashi, or traditional Japanese hair ornaments.  I’ve always liked the pretty, and often dangly, hair clips you see on Geisha, but I’ve only just discovered their name … I suspect a lot of time will now be spent drooling over their loveliness.

Oh, and I found a tutorial or two on how to make them – aren’t I good to you?

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