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Hello my dears!  Another late night working on the shift (after essay-writing – hand-in on Friday!!  Eek!) – I’ve attached one sleeve to the body and the other one is gathered and partially attached.  I just need to finish attaching the other one and sew down the sides and they’ll be proper sleeves – my first ever!

I was quite pleased after pressing the seams of the one that is finished – it’s starting to actually look like an item of clothing – so I pinned it closed and tried it on:


Not too bad, right?  For my first attempt, anyway.  I’m wondering if it might be a little too tight around the armpit (despite careful measuring), but I won’t really know until it’s finished. If it is, nevermind, I’m sure I’ll end up making another one at some point (ahem – when I have my sewing machine!), and this one will do for now.

I also went out for a wander today and bought some heavy duty cable ties from a local hardware shop:

Cable ties

22 to be prescise!  They’re 9mm by 45cm, so I’m hoping I should be able to make one tie into two sections of boning for the shorter parts.  I’m also wondering whether it would work to use the tapered ends for the parts that go down into the tabs – they are still quite stiff and wide, and they’re already rounded off and uniform in shape… Any thoughts?

Tonight’s Viewing:

Plunket & Macleane – So fun and a lot more grown-up and gorey than I was anticipating.  I loved their take on the period.  It was also a real treat to see so many British actors I recognised – it felt like each scene I was saying “oh, he’s in such and such” or “isn’t she on thingy?”  And Alan Cumming was F A B.  Oh, and I liked Liv Tyler’s character – I like her feisty.

Persuasion (2007) – Meh!  I was trying to get the 1995 version after it was so heartily praised on the Historical Sewing Forum, but this was the only one I could find.  Goodness me – at times it was so bad I thought it was meant to be a comedy!  Most disappointed.

And a bit of TV to end the evening: Being Human, Episode 1 – I loved this brilliant take on the urban fantasy genre.  It’s about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who live together… yes, that sounds like one of those dodgy “An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scottish man all walk into a bar” jokes… But anyway, this is wonderful – there are plots and intrigue, but it’s also, as the title suggests, very human.  Each character has a struggle and emotional baggage.  (Oh, and if you need any more persuasion – the guy who plays the vampire is rather lush – and I could totally imagine him as some darkly handsome regency hero.  Cor!)  Highly recommended!

For now, however, bed time!


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Have spent the evening sewing while watching various period films: The Three Musketeers (1978) – fun and funny with pretty clothes; Amadeus – couldn’t bring myself to watch it all; Dangerous Liaisons – a re-watch of a favourite, amazing cast and fabulously 18th C!

I followed that with something completely different – Peep Show.  Weird, funny and slightly twisted.  In a good way.

Shift status – sleeve and body gores are attached.  Still to do – sew down sides, finish neckline and hem.

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In bed watching Marie Antoinette while I start sewing my shift. I’ve only done the gores on one sleeve so far, but I didn’t start ’till gone midnight. It’s too little to be worth taking a photo of, so here’s a pretty picture from the film instead:

Fan Love

EDIT: Oh, and I did notice that the shifts Kirsten Dunst wears in the film are pretty big, so maybe my original cut wasn’t so bad.  Still, I think I’d rather have something a little smaller.

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