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Yay-ness – I just won this lovely early 60s pattern on Ebay (it’s not the right size, but just needs a little bit adding here and there and it’ll be fine):

And for just £7.50!  I saw the same pattern go for £15+ a couple of weeks ago.

Just check out that cute jacket!  I love the dress, but there’s something about the jacket that makes me smile – I think it’s the combination of the buttons and cropped-ness.

With narrow- and full-skirted options and the jacket, this pattern gives three different items – I definitely consider that a bit of a bargain!

Together with my other 60s pattern, I’m starting a very small collection of vintage patterns:

I was originally planning to use the pattern to work out how to make an early 60s pleat-skirted dress, after seeing one in the window of a vintage shop in town (I love those bell-shaped skirts with inverted box pleats!) but the separates have grown on me and now I have Simplicity 2444, I’ve got an appropriately 60s-esque pattern:

Aaaand, the other week, my lovely Mum bought me this silk crepe to use to make the blouse in The People pattern:

It was on sale in John Lewis (£10/metre rather than £20!) – huzzah for that!  I’ve also handwashed it in cold water ready to go/sew.  Dry clean only?  HA!

Also, I’m currently working on the cat from this book:

It’s my first go at crochet and I’m enjoying it – photos when the kitty is complete!


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